​​Other Testimonials of clients who have received support from Room 4 Hope:

I was referred to Room 4 Hope - furniture donation program by the domestic abuse shelter that I was living in.  When I spoke with Gloria she was so kind and cared about my needs and request for help with furniture.  I had only a week to prepare to move from the shelter to my new place with my three little children.  Gloria was able to provide most of everything I needed to start up my living space.  The furniture she brought to me was so beautiful.   I can't say enough how much I appreciate Room 4 Hope and I am so gratefule for the help that I so desperately needed.  Thank you Gloria and Room 4 Hope.  Amber 

*    *    *    *    *    *    *
I started attending Room 4 Hope meetings while I was living at the Larimer County halfway house.  Over the past several years I have been mentored and encouraged and loved by  the Room 4 Hope mentors.  After my release I have conintued to be mentored by a very special lady.  She has helped me so much and prayed me through many difficult times.  She is always there to encourage me .  I am so grateful for Room 4 Hope and the mentors.  They are the real deal.   Carol V.

​​​​​​Mentor's Corner

A word from some of our mentors:

As a mentor/encourager with the women of Room 4 Hope I have been mentored and encouraged myself. I realize that each of us who enter our room where hope is to be found have words to share  that will serve to meet the needs of others.  It is amazing to be a part of watching lives changed, family relationships healed and women finding hope where once failure and discouragement reigned.

God's love is the basis for all the hope shared each week.    Martha F. - Mentor     

*      *    *    *       

Room 4 Hope has been a living testimony for  me  personally … It has been a continual source of GOD’S HOPE demonstrated through the lives of the women who attend, HIS answers to prayers, HIS Word and Promises,  HIS love and compassion lived out by the words and actions of women who care about our community and each other.  The friends I have made encourage and inspire me to reach our world for Christ in tangible ways...bringing HIS HOPE

to others.  My faith has been strengthened and my life enriched. 

Allyson H. - Mentor

Room 4 Hope

A place for women to find comfort, encouragement and support

More Testimonials

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as she talks about her life and the support she received from  Room 4 Hope.
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​To The Room 4 Hope mentors:  You are the one who always believes in me no matter what...who celebrates my strengths and doesn't seem to notice my weaknesses...who is there for me through thick and thin, always inspiring me to do my best.  I can count on you to be the one who says, "you can do it," "hang in there," and "everything's going to be okay."  I just want to let you know how very much this means to me... and to say "thank you!"  for your love and support.   Love, Deanna M.