Our program is designed to help women with spiritual, emotional, practical and relational needs by meeting regularly to mentor and encourage them in their life choices.  We facilitate this through Bible study, support group meetings and one on one interaction with our mentors.  Additionally, Room 4 Hope utilizes our funds and donations to supplement practical needs for our clients when appropriate.  Room 4 Hope seeks women who are endeavoring to make positive changes in their lives. We offer mentoring and support specific to women's needs in a safe environment. Come see what we have to offer you at "Room 4 Hope."              *          *          *         *          *          *


Board of Directors

  • Gloria Hudson, Director of New Beginnings, the furniture collection  and distribution arm of Room 4 Hope, has vast business experience.  Gloria is on our board of directors and is a long standing mentor.
  • Allyson Hernblom, Director of Hope Recycled, our bicycle donation program and is the co-founder of Room 4 Hope. She also serves on our board of directors.
  • Sharon French, retired Chaplain of Larimer County Department of Corrections with 22 years of experience and now serves on our board of directors.
  • Cheri Wadham,  serves on our board of directors. 

Our board is responsible for governing and providing oversight for the organization's affairs. The board is made up of active mentors who are totally vested in the success of the Room 4 Hope ministry.

About Us

We offer information for community resources such as employment, housing, transportation, food supplies, medical help, etc.  


Grace became an active mentor with Room 4 Hope at the age of 88.  Grace attended her last Wednesday Room 4 Hope meeting at age 91. On that day she loved and encouraged with all her energy! Two days later she sustained a stroke and passed away. We will always miss her and are much richer for her presence in our lives. 

Our Meetings
The public is welcome to join us for our women’s support group in Fort Collins and Greeley.  Refreshments are provided at every meeting.

Meetings open to the public:
(no children or child care provided)
When: Wednesdays 10:00  am to 11:30 am.  Where:  The Wells Fargo Bank
​2nd floor Conference Room - located at

401 S. College Ave., Fort Collins, CO. 
(corner of Magnolia and So. College.

New Meeting in Greeley, Colorado

When:  Thursdays  6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
​Where: 1542 7th Ave. in Greeley  
At the Rock Foundation Bldg.

Other meetings:

Mondays  7:00 PM(Community Corrections  residents only)
Note:  Transportation is provided from the halfway house to the bank on Wednesday mornings.  Pick up time is 
​at 9:30 am.

Room 4 Hope, Executive Director Martha Fellure, has extensive experience in a wide array of ministries.  She attended Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio and counseled Juvenile Delinquents in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Florida.  Martha facilitates the Room 4 Hope meetings,  develops and teaches the Bible studies specifically geared for the needs of women at risk. 

What we do at the meetings:
Room 4 Hope offers friendship, love and encouragement. We eat, laugh, cry, pray and share life experiences with our mentors in a safe and confidential environment.
Our meetings are centered around messages of  hope that are valuable to women who are struggling with various life challenges.